Be Well Wednesdays

Wednesdays at 12:10-1:00 pm Pacific/3:10-4:00 pm Eastern.

BWW is an ongoing series of drop in sessions to support your well-being. Each session includes an experiential practice (meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, journaling, etc.) and/or facilitated discussion about sustaining well-being in public defense. Sometimes there is an introductory overview but these sessions focus more on participatory experience and less on presentation. You can join the BWW list by sending a blank email to to receive zoom link updates, schedule updates, announcements, and shared materials.

BWW is brought to you by this planning team: Jenny Andrews, Gina Pruski, Justin Heim, Tatiana Kline, John Lopez, Marilena David and Jeff Sherr. Please email with any questions or feedback, or to propose a session.

PAST BWW SESSIONS. Many sessions were recorded, and are kept at the Wellness page within mygideon at the NAPD member site.

12/29/21         Topic: Jenny Andrews: Anything But Resolutions!

12/22/21         Topic: John Lopez: Ancestor Practice

12/15/21         Topic: Justin Heim: Transformative Justice: The Role of the Public Defender in Re-Imagining the Future.

12/8/21           Topic: Tatiana Kline: Gratitude Exercise

12/1/21           Topic: Gina Pruski: An Introduction to Sound Bath Meditation        

11/17/21         Topic: Caitlin Becker and Dr. Maya Prabhu: Building Resilience and Sustainability in Defender Communities

11/10/21         Justin Heim: Parenting in Public Defense Discussion

10/27/21         Topic: Christine Start: Healing Circle

10/20/21         Topic: Marilena David-Martin: Establishing Boundaries to Maintain Balance

10/13/21         Topic: John Lopez: Forgiveness Meditation

10/6/21           Topic: Tatiana Kline: Imposter Syndrome

9/30/21           Justin Heim: 3 Minute Breathing Space (from Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

9/22/21           The Stress of Injustice, a talk with researchers Valerio Baćak, Sarah Lageson, and Kathleen Powell

9/15/21           Lori James Townes: Forgiveness is Self-Care 

9/8/21             Tatiana Kline and Marilena David-Martin: Happy Birthday BWW: How to Build Celebration in Public Defense

9/1/21             Christine Start: A Healing Circle for the Public Defender Community

8/25/21           Justine Heim: Conscious Transitions: Channeling your Inner Mr. Rogers

8/18/21           Tatiana Kline: Stress Management Tips and Tricks

8/11/21           Gina Pruski: Time to Get Our Brag On

8/4/21             Marilena David-Martin: Navigating Current Challenges

7/28/21           Justin Heim: NAPD Principles for Creating Sustainability in Public Defense: Principle 4: Staff Promote Values that Align with a Healthy Work Culture

7/21/21           Tatiana Kline and Jenerra Crenshaw: Micro Aggressions

7/14/21           Jeff Chapdelaine: How to Support LGBTQIA+ Colleagues

7/7/21             Dee Glickman: Supporting Trans and Non-Binary Colleagues

6/30/21                Sharing Models and Ideas That Are Working: Using Surveys and Assessments: facilitator: Jenny Andrews. Panel: Meryl Carver-Allmond, Sarah McCarthy, Ali Erbes.

6/23/21                Sarah McCarthy: Mindful-Ethical Communication 

6/16/21                Dave Klaus and Luke Wientzen: Breathwork

6/9/21                   Gina Pruski and Justin Heim: Growth Through Conflict

6/2/21                   Joseph Clark: Brain waves, Heart waves, and Well-being

5/26/21                Caitlin Becker:  Building Resilient Defenders: Strategies for Supervision + Training.

5/19/21                Justin Heim: Walking Meditation

5/12/21                Tatiana Kline: How to Give A Wellness Training

5/5/21                   Marilena David-Martin: 4 Things You Can Do to Improve Mental Wellness That Have Nothing to Do With Anyone Else

4/28/21                Sharing Models and Ideas That Are Working: NAPD Principle 6: Coverage and Time Off. Facilitator: Heather Rogers.

4/21/21                Lisa Lunt: Fill Up Your Cup: Brain and Body Boosts for Tumultuous Times

4/14/21                Gina Pruski: Our Feelings in Color: A Mindful Writing Practice

4/7/21                  John Lopez: Hope Based Journaling

3/31/21                Marilena David-Martin and Justin Heim: NAPD Principles for Creating Sustainability in Public Defense Offices

3/24/21                Marilena David-Martin and Justin Heim: NAPD Principles for Creating Sustainability in Public Defense Offices (Part 1)

3/17/21                Justin Heim: A Mindful Eye: Meditating with Art

3/10/21                Tatiana Kline (San Diego, CA), Sarah McCarthy (Santa Clara, CA), Erin Biggs (Colorado), Jenee Bowden (Colorado), Jenny Andrews (Santa Barbara, CA): Discussion of Well-Being Committees and Initiatives

3/3/21                   Bernadette Rabuy, Ray Ibarra, and Facilitator: David Klaus. Mentorship Part 2: Perspectives of Mentees and Mentors and the Value of Coaching Skills for Supporting Well-Being.

2/24/21                Jenny Andrews, Renate Lunn, Melanie Foote. Mentorship Part 1: The Value of Mentorship and How to Design a Structured Mentorship Program.

2/17/21                Robin Konrad and Edvique Shaver: Meditative Doodling

2/10/21                Kirstyn Wentzel: Poetry

2/3/21                  John Lopez: Lovingkindness Practice

1/27/21                Elizabeth Vartkessian and Katherine Atkins: Part 2: Addressing Trauma, Loss, and Resilience in Criminal Defense – Focus on Your Office

1/20/21                Elizabeth Vartkessian and Katherine Atkins: Part 1: Addressing Trauma, Loss, and Resilience in Criminal Defense – Focus on You

1/13/21                Justin Heim: Orderly Chaos: A Meditation on Noise

1/6/21                 Tatiana Kline:  “New Year, Better You”

12/30/20             Jenny Andrews: Resolutions, Goals, Micro goals, and SMART goals.

12/23/20             Marilena David-Martin and John Lopez: Accepting Gifts of Support and Paying it Forward.

12/16/20             Jeff Sherr: The Public Defender Motivational Triad and Resiliency

12/9/20               Justin Heim: Poison as Medicine: Tonglen for Public Defenders

12/2/20               Dave Klaus: Mediation Introduction Sampler

11/25/20             Tatiana Kline: Giving Thanks Gratitude Practice

11/18/20             Anupama Vishwamitra: EQ>IQ

11/11/20              Jenny Andrews: Dynamic Mindfulness

11/4/20                Caitlin Becker: Connecting to Your Intention

10/28/20             John Lopez: The Tree of Life

10/14/20             Gina Pruski: The Five Senses: Our Gateway to the Present Moment

10/7/20               Tatiana Kline: Gratitude/Journaling Practice

9/30/20               Justin Heim: Investigating our Experience of Self and Identity

9/23/20               Jenny Andrews: Dynamic Mindfulness for Reducing Stress Response

9/16/20               Justin Heim: Wellbeing Happens Here and Now: An Intro to Meditation

9/9/20                 Marilena David-Martin: Finding Balance through Boundary Setting

9/2/20                   John Lopez: Self-Care Vision and Creating Space