Sustained is brought to you by Jenny Andrews, a California public defender for over twenty years. Jenny has traveled the country (between trials) to talk with public defenders about how to sustain our well being and thrive in the work of public defense. Several well being workshops have been developed in collaboration with David Klaus.  Jenny and Dave started together as public defenders in Oakland, California in 1996. Jenny burned out after her first 7 years, and left law for 3 years to teach yoga, exhibit photographs and write for magazines; she found her way back to public defense and has been a PD in Santa Barbara County and Sonoma County since 2007, while continuing her yoga and writing practices. Dave is still in Oakland after 21 years as a trial lawyer, and keeps his fire kindled with his practice of poetry, martial arts, men’s circle work, and practice as a zen priest. We teach well being practices— drawing from writing, poetry, yoga, meditation, and gratitude exercises—for public defenders.